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Guriqbal K Saran
October, 2013

I was dealing with severe Vertigo problem and the very discomfort able after effects of Vertigo, I am blessed to have my treatment done by the Homeopath Sharanjit Kamboj of Optimum Health Homeopathy. She has vast knowledge of Homeopathy practice and I must say that after her treatment over period of months my Vertigo problem that was so bothersome has been cured now. A local ENT Specialist of Surrey, British Columbia initially diagnosed that my Vertigo problem and its after effects with drumming noises and pain with imbalance will not go away permanently and that I can take pain killers which might help - his advice was quite demotivating, depressing and not helpful at all. That's when I decided to try the safest path in medicine which is the Homeopathy medicine for my problem, Homeopath Sharanjeet Kamboj is very patient and understanding and had cured me completely off my Vertigo, my severe after effects of Vertigo that was causing me grief and severe discomfort day and night also vanished after the treatment. She listens carefully, thoughtfully and gather information and then provide a knowledgeable suggestion with the treatment. She is genuine, attentive, very caring and have a strong background and experience when it comes to Homoeopathy practice and proposing treatments. I also decided to opt out of the flu shot regime, and do immune boosting shots as well, I now take seasonal homeopathy support for my health and I am Super happy about that!

She also helped me with an ongoing sleep issues, knee pain, back pain, ruminating thoughts at night and other minor ailments I was dealing with. Such a relief! My whole family is truly grateful to her, recently my husband and son also started to come as well to get treatment for their ailments.

If you are dealing with a disease, problem or ailment that is bothering you day and night, I would highly recommend that you go meet Homeopath Sharanjit Kamboj for the optimal treatment, in our medical system today we need doctors like Sharanjit Kamboj who can care more and treat well.

Thank you Sharanjit

Rajwinder Mahil
April, 2014

I feel pleased to share my experience with Homeopathic treatment for health problem of my kids and myself. My kids aged 7 and 5 were suffering from obstinate constipation and lack of appetite. As per family doctor's advice, we tried some laxatives which worked temporarily but real problem was still there. I decided to try homeopathic treatment and came to know about homeopathic Dr. Sharanjit. Her dedication, patience and mental clarity amazed me with the incredible results. The quick, simple and easy treatment resulted in complete and permanent cure of my kid's constipation, improving their appetite and overall health.

This motivated me to start my treatment for depression which was hurting me everywhere. Treatment with allopathic medicine made me sicker day by day, draining my energy levels to even worse. After starting the homeopathic treatment, it not only benefited depression, other health complaints like piles, constipation, mouth ulcers, recurrent headaches have also been treated and I returned to my normal life.

​I am totally happy with treatment and also thankful to Optimum Health Homeopathy!

Ramandeep Kaur
August, 2016

With a big sigh of relief and much relaxed, I am taking this time to write my review about "Optimum Health Homeopathy" clinic. Being single parent, I was tired of my daughter's doctor visits and lot of medications for her allergies, recurrent colds, coughs, fevers occurring at every change of temperature or weather. The medications would just give her temporary relief and she ended up with low appetite and very weak immunity as a result of recurrent sicknesses. One of my family friends suggested to me of Optimum Health for my daughter.

As I started her treatment with Dr. Sharanjit, my daughter started showing marked improvement in her overall health. She regained her appetite and is eating very well now as all parents want to see their children eating. Along with, her immunity is raised to good extent that she is least affected from changes in weather and her allergies are disappearing too. Above all she takes homeopathic medicine very happily which is so child friendly.

Being a Happy parent, I highly recommend Dr. Sharanjit, a genuinely caring professional who invests her dedication in health and wellbeing of her patients.

Baljinder Gill
August, 2016

My name is Baljinder Gill and I live in Edmonton. I was suffering from Kidney Stones and pain was getting worse every time it hit the spot. My specialist MD doctor had no cure except monitoring and offering surgery as last option. One of my relatives in Surrey told me about Optimum Health Homeopathy. I consulted Dr. Sharanjit, it was a phone call which changed things in my life. She was kind enough to ship me the medicine. After taking her treatment for about 3-4 months, I had my tests done again. My specialist doctor called me and told that kidney stones have been not detected.

I value all the information, treatment and confidence provided by Dr. Sharanjit. I highly recommend them, I am so confident that they can help for any health problem. Thank you Dr. Sharanjit for helping me to live again a healthy and pain free life! God Bless you!

Salinder Kaur
October, 2016

I am sharing my experience and wonderful results of Homeopathic treatment done by Dr. Sharanjit. My 15 years old son was suffering from seasonal allergies, food allergies, chronic sinusitis, blocked nostrils and cough since childhood. He had gone through many medical treatments but no luck. After starting homeopathic treatment, his nostrils opened within 2 weeks and sinusitis was also ended up. After one month treatment, his allergies were also cured, now he himself tells that he feels very healthy and active.

With my son’s treatment, I recommend Optimum Health Homeopathy as the highest choice of healing centre.

Thank you Optimum Health Homeopathy.

Maninder Bal
January, 2017

I had a great experience with Optimum Health Homeopathy. They successfully helped me with my constant throat clearing and mucus build up. These problems are totally cured and also built my immune system to be stronger than ever. I would definitely recommend anyone who is having second thoughts of trying homeopathy to give it a chance!

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